A transformative copywriter with a creative spark

Have We Not Formally Met?

I'm Madiha Fatima.

I am passionate about crafting words:

  •  That sells.
  • That has value.
  • That encourages.
  • That empowers.
  • Finally, that turn visitors into loyal customers.

Name's Madiha!

I am a:

  • Multidisciplinary graduate. (YEAH… I have my Graduate degree in Fashion Design and Post-Graduate in Applied Psychology. And I love both!)
  • Mother (to 3 Hyper-Active Mountain Bears)
  • Self-Made Womanpreneur Blah blah blah…… Uh… No Cliches, Plzzzzz!!!!

I am also:

  • Author of 3 Fiction Books (I try to become Tolkien by night) and 25+ Ghostwritten Non-fiction books
  • Fashion designer to my 4-year-old
  • Content Strategist
  • Brand Aesthetician (Uhm… if that’s a term. Well, it’s related to Brand Identity Design)
  • Hopeless perfectionist
  • & a result-oriented copywriter

Turning clients into WINNERS!

I believe RIGHT COPY IS A REFLECTION OF THE BRAND (& I'll dive deep to discover that brand).

We're in this together.

Am I right for you?

No Corporate Claptrap

People like to do business with humans who sound like them. Let’s partner to create something great that relates and resonates with your target audiences.

No Sketchy Middleman

No sleazy middlemen are invited to the party. I take pride in promoting real brands, startups and entrepreneurs who bring real value to the table.

No shilly-shallying

I like every client, but responsive clients are my favorites. I believe in having a strategic partnership. You and I both will work towards the success of your company. When we work together, I’ll expect timely feedback from you. Likewise, you can expect prompt & perfect work from me.

Content and Images that Create a Visual Appeal to All

What I Offer?

Creating Web Copy, Sales Pages, Ads, Product Descriptions that WOWs and SELL

My laser-targeted Copy is fresh, effortless and to the point. No FLUFF, I Promise!

So, your customers can harness an intuitive connection with your brand — and pick YOU to shower their hard-earned money on.